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Recorded in January 2012 at the Old School Recording Studio under the direction of Calvin Turnbull (Shelby Lynn, Cheryl Crow, Traveling Wilburys, English Beat), the band holed up in the turn of the century old building that housed the Caspar General Store back in the day of woodsmen and steam engines. Still to this day, the Mendocino coast reaks of the wild west.   Enduring a week of classic Mendocino County winter storms (listen to intro/outro of Andrea Gail...that's real rain), the boys layed down 10 original tracks for the album.


Rich like creosote and corn whiskey, insights beyond the darkness headed for the light, Smokehouse Gamblers generate visions of terminal wisdom, torn and tattered anchor ropes and alley cats.  Whether you trippin' on an upside down rake or allowing the preacherman to take your mind,  this band loads the van and cases the neighborhood for good vittles and beer.


Smokehouse Gamblers band includes primary songwriter Ted Baggett (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys), Dustin Smart (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Matty O'Shea (Bass, Vocals), Frank Pellkofer (Mandolin, Vocals), Jimmy Jacobs (Drums, Vocals) and Kevin Lynch (Percussion.)  The band calls Sonoma County, California home sweet home.  Album artwork by Jen Shada (

Track List:


Slider, Out West, Take Your Mind, Camouflage Monkey, Andrea Gail, Take it High, Windshield Dreams, Testify, Monster Mouse, Cubist Lime